Friday, January 7, 2011

New Years Tubing

For New Years we went up to Dave and Nancys Cabin. Dave and John made us a bunch of tubing trails with his snow cat the night before. They were seriously unreal. We had such a great day! It was great to be together with the Whittaker side, and start the year off right.
Meg, Shea, Chez, and I
Easton, Boom, and J
So let's just say that Dave is so crazy, but oh do we love him. My dad went down one of the hills and almost ran into the fence. So what does Dave do he takes the fence out and makes the trail even longer. It doesn't get better then that. My dad was quite the die hard. I think he tubed more then anybody else. He is just like one of us kids, and I love it! Him and Dave went down in the plastic toboggans. I seriously though we were going to go to the ER for how fast they were flying. The best part was them colliding into each other.
Me and Shea

It was a cold day. Can you tell by the icicle frozen to my hat?

Meg, Shea, and I decided to go down on the plastic Toboggans. Let's just say I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. We literally flew down the mountain. I was scared for my life.

This is what happened to us. Let's just say we got a little out of control. Meg was completely buried in the snow. She voted not to ride in the front again. She was sure a good sport though!

I love this picture of Easton. It doesn't get cuter then that

Dave sure spoiled us and came and picked us up in the Cat so we didn't have to hike up every time.

The Snow Cat going to town

Cute little E trying to climb up the Mountain
We had such a great day! I am so grateful that Dave and Nancy let us come up to there Cabin. We are lucky to have such great friends and family that we can play, laugh, and enjoy each others company. Happy New Years!!!

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  1. Jordy- that looks so sinkin' fun! I'm totally jealous.