Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Joy of Dating

So I have decided that I am going on a dating strike okay maybe not, but boy does dating just make you laugh, and sometimes wanna just punch somebody ha!! So as I was driving home last night and I sat and thought of all the ridiculous things boys have said or done over the past two weeks. Sometimes I just wonder what the crap they are thinking or even if they have a brain. You just have to laugh about it though.
  1. Well this isn't really a date, but I guess I could open your door. (Date or not buddy you can still be a gentleman)
  2. What the crap is that thing on your waist (Well that would be called a belt that I think looks super cute thanks Mr. Fashion police)
  3. I drove out there last time it is your turn to drive here. (Okay I am so glad that it is snowing outside, and your such a gentleman to pick me up for a date ha)
  4. Blind Date: Kept putting his freakin hand on my butt. Come on I mean really?
  5. Somebody said oh your dating my piano teacher we just love her... Well she is just OKAY, I just take her out every once in awhile. (haha I am so glad that I am just OKAY!)
  6. I'm fine no worries (This was after I asked if everything in our relationship was okay, ha but I am glad that your doing fine. Thanks for asking about me? I am great ha thanks)
  7. Check out my muscles I have been working out a lot (Wow check out all that flab)
  8. Oh my goodness so and so is such a great kisser (well that is just great I am so glad that she is a good kisser, cuz what does that say about me?)
  9. After waiting two hours for a call back I finally text him and say well I am going to bed thanks for calling me. Immediatly I get a call back saying I am so sorry I feel asleep on the couch (Wow I am glad I can hear you driving in the background I mean that is just awesome that you are lying)
  10. Heavenly Father has blessed me with three things in my life. 1: My great looks, 2: My amazing personality, 3: My amazing family ( My reply: Wow you are so humble) (He is so not good looking, he is so arrogant, but maybe he has a great family. At least he has something going for him)

So there ya have it! Coming from the mouths of Babes!


  1. Haha, love this jord. It is totally true. Can't believe it was all said in only two weeks though. Stupid boys. Also, great job on blogging!! I am impressed. It's not even feb yet and you have already posted 7 times. I wish i was more like you. :)

  2. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! You have the best dating stories! Where do these men come from?

  3. hahahaah!!! Oh man this is great! Made my whole day!

  4. I hope those are not serious? Boys are so ridiculous-I am on the lookout for a good looking GENTLEMAN! I'm sorry Jordy, soon enough you'll find the perfect guy and it will all be worth it! Love you!

  5. Oh man, this sounds all too familiar. I mean how many times a week can you fall asleep on the couch and be driving at the same time? :) I'm sorry girl you deserve better!