Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I finally made it out on the Mountain. I can't believe that January 17th was my first time boarding this year. My Dad, Easton, Todd, and me went this last Monday. We had a great day! It was so much fun to be on my board again. I forget how much I love it! The snow wasn't the greatest, but just being on my board was all worth it! I tend to forget how beautiful the mountains are. They truly are a testament that there is a living God who made this beautiful world.

Easton and I

My dad and E
Easton did great. He is such a tough little guy! He just cruized down the mountain, and had such a fun time! My dad is injured so we stuck to groomers all day! It was a good way to start the season off! Snowboarding is just the greatest! Oh how I love it!

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