Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lake Powell Trip #1

Another Successful trip of Lake Powell with the WHITT CLAN.  There is nothing greater then being together with your family, on a lake, out in the sun, relaxing, laughing, and enjoying everyone's company.  I don't know what it is about Lake Powell, but there truly is no greater place in my eyes.  
Here is the crazy bunch..... 


I have realized that all you need is a ball, and you can entertain a bunch of boys for hours.  They would dive and catch the ball all day.  They got pretty dang good by the end of the trip. 

 We also had a blast surfing!  We were so grateful for Todd taking us, and letting us use his boat.  Surfing is great because one it is different, and two because you can do it when the water is really choppy. Todd is so good at it.  He starts from the boat, and ends on the boat.  We were all grateful that he could help us learn how to do it.  

 It isn't a Lake Powell trip unless you have a really good storm.  This year topped all of the storms we have ever experienced.  Powell is a time where we always have a gospel experience that strengthens our testimony and helps us realize that we aren't in control.  We were getting ready for dinner and it was a little windy when Logan out of no where said we need to get ready for a storm.  So we got everything tied down, checked our anchors, and put the covers on the boat. The moment we all sat down the storm started.  It was insane.  The wind was 65-70mph.  It was pouring rain, and the sky was as dark as could be.  The sand was blowing everywhere, and the water was so rough.  It actually looked really cool.    I felt so hopeless, and scared.  We decided to say a prayer, and ask for help and safety.  The storm lasted a good hour, but when it stopped we were safe and sound.  Our houseboat was still anchored great, and nothing was damaged.  We truly were so lucky.  I know that Heavenly Father was watching out for us.  I am grateful for Logan's example.  For how in tune he was to feeling the spirit so that we could be prepared.  We have been promised that if we are prepared we shall not fear.  

 It's never a good Powell trip until you have tubbed behind Boom's boat.  He is literally crazy, but boy does he give you a good ride.  The older I get the more wimpier I get.  It sure is a blast though!!  I love looking at everyone's faces.  

This game is called Rope the Dope.  It really isn't the smartest thing, but it is sure is fun, but yet so hard to hold on.  So you pretty much just hold on for dear life as the boat drives.  You have water spraying in your face so much that you can't breath.  It is the craziest feeling, STUPID, but yet really fun!!! 

 Logan and I

Wakeboarding starts at 7 in the morning, and ends when it is dark.  We love it!! Especially when you do Dawn Patrol (which means you wake up super early to get the best water).  There is nothing better then boarding on Glass.  It was my goal to jump the wake at Powell.  I got super close.  I landed on the wake.  I literally had like 1 ft to go.  When I get back I am gonna do it!! 
 The next three pictures are of Logan doing a back flip.  I don't know how he does it, but it is so dang cool.  I love the last picture because he literally is hanging onto the rope by as string, but he still seems to land it so smooth.  

 This year we had some friendly fish who liked to nibble on us when we were swimming.  So Brad and Logan were determined to catch them.  They actually caught two of them.  We didn't really have issues after that.  We showed them who was boss.  
 I always get so nervous when I ski that I won't get up.  This year I nailed it, and got up my first try.  I was stoked.  I forget how fun skiing really is!! It is definitely a work out, but boy is it fun!! 
 My mom is queen of blowing your cheeks it makes me laugh so hard, but it works she gets up her first time every time.  

 The old man still has it!! 


 We did an awesome hike this year through a slot canyon.  It was so incredible.  None of us took our cameras though.  We hiked 45 minutes in.  It was probably one of the coolest hikes I have done at Powell.  You had to hike through puddles of water that you didn't know how deep it was going to go, we had to literally climb up rocks and be boosted.  It was a lot of fun!! 
 Todd found some friends!! 
 I love cliff Jumping.  I still get so nervous, and still get butterfly's in my stomach, but it is so much fun!!! There was a cliff right by our houseboat that we would swim to everyday.  From all the cliff jumping we did four of us got ear infections.  I was lucky and didn't!! 

 Brad taught Jensen how to do a backflip, and he totally flipped off the cliff.  It was awesome!! 
 It's not a successful Powell trip if you don't have some killer dance parties on the back of the boat!!! 

 Each year we have to break the record and see how many wake boarders we can get up at the same time.  We had five boarders, and one knee boarder.  It was so fun!! It is really hard to get up, but so fun once you all get up.  Cute little E wanted to join in on the fun so he knee boarded.  It was awesome!!! Maybe next year we can break the record!! 

 The lovely boats that make Powell fun!!! 


Lake Powell is one of the prettiest places I have ever been!! This year we had a full moon most nights, and the sunsets were so beautiful!! It truly is a little place I like to call HEAVEN.  

I am so grateful for parents who work hard so that we can spend a week at Powell.  It is the one time that my family gets along all week long.  It is a time when our love for each other grows stronger.  It is a time that we get to eat great food, laugh all day, try new things, jump off crazy cliffs, wake up super early to be on glass, and just have the best week of our lives.  2012 Powell Trip was a definite SUCCESS!!! 

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