Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Easton

TEN things that I LOVE about Easton
  1. He has the most contagous LAUGH
  2. He EXCELS in sports and is so FUN to watch
  3. I love it when I say EASTON do you love me, and he replies with what do you need? I have trained him well.
  4. He is so SMART.  I love it when he asks me to give him MATH problems and try to STUMP him.
  5. I love it when he asks to sleep in my bed even though he is such a crazy sleeper.
  6. I love his SMILE.
  7. He gives the BEST hugs ever.
  8. I love that he loves to HANG OUT with me. 
  9. I love it when he wants something and gives me his puppy dog eyes and then I can't resist.
  10. I LOVE EVERYTHING about him.

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