Thursday, July 12, 2012

Baby Wyatt

July 12, 2012 is a day that I will never forget.  I was working the night shift when in walks Shea and Kyle.  Shea was finally ruptured, and ready to have a baby.  She was dilated to a 1+ so she still had a long road ahead of her.  She got her epidural right away.  I was really nervous because Ryan was on call and he was brand new, but he did such an amazing job.  Shea didn't feel pain at all.  Work had been crazy busy all night long.  Twenty minutes before Shea came we got rid of our last patient which was such a blessing for me because I got to hang out with them.  
Shea was exhausted.  We tried to let her sleep as much as possible so she would have enough energy to push.  
Kyle was tired as well.....
Dad has been so excited to become a grandpa.  He had perma grin all night long!! Let's just say he is going to be the best Papa Boom.... 

After my shift had ended at 0600 I decided to run home and shower, and try to wake up a little bit.  When I left Shea was only dilated to a 4+.  I had been home no longer then 20 minutes when my mom called and said she was 8cm.  I seriously went into panic mode.  There was no way I was going to miss her birth.  So I literally showered and made it in 30 minutes.  When I got back she was complete and ready to push.  
We all were so excited and ready to see Baby Wyatt
Shea developed an infection called Choreo which is an infection inside the uterus.  It caused Shea to strike a temp of 104 which caused Wyatts heart rate to shoot up.  They were really concerned that Wyatt had developed the infection. Working labor and delivery for 5 years I knew exactly what was going on and was so nervous and scared, but I had to put on a happy face so Shea and my parents wouldn't panic. Wyatt came out not wanting to breath so they took him to the warmer right away.    Shea was such a trooper.  She pushed so hard, and never complained. She was so determined to see her baby!!  I was so proud of her!!  
I have been in hundreds of deliveries, but words can't express the feelings I had this day.  The spirit instantly filled the room.  Just knowing that this precious baby had just came from Heavenly Father.  I can just picture Heavenly Father giving him a kiss and wishing him good luck as he told him how much he loved him. As baby Wyatt was delivered I was automatically filled with such a strong love.  I never knew something could be so strong.  Tears filled my eyes as I saw my beautiful nephew.    He was so perfect and pure.  
Dr. Lamoreaux was Shea's doctor, and Krista was her nurse.  Two people who I love and adore.  She was in such great hands.  
Kyle cutting the cord

Wyatt weighed 6 lbs 6 oz, and was 18.5 inches
Shea truly amazed me.  She pushed so dang hard.  Wyatt was facing head up which makes it really difficult.  She only had to push for an hour which is awesome for a first time mom.  What amazes me the most was she did it with 104 temperature.  My love for her grew so much stronger.  To watch her as she looked at her baby for the first time and to see tears fall down her cheeks.  To look at her worried face as they took Wyatt away.  She is going to make an amazing mom

After working labor for five years my very favorite part of the job is to watch a husband and wife hold there baby for the first time.  To be able to watch there love grow instantly for a little baby, and for each other made my job worth it.  There truly is nothing better then to feel of the spirit, and to know that this is all part of the plan.  
Wyatt had some complications and so he was rushed right to the NICU.  Shea only got to hold her for a minute.  This was the first time she really got to look at her baby.  Shea and Kyle are going to be awesome parents. 
I am so grateful I got to be apart of Shea's delivery.  Words truly can't express the feelings I felt that day.  It is something I will never forget.  I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for each of us, and part of that plan is to raise his children.  I am so excited for Shea and Kyle to be parents.  I can't wait to watch my little nephew grow up.  For him to gain a testimony, for him to struggle, for him to find joy, for him to get the priesthood, for him to serve a mission.  I can't wait to be apart of it all.  I loved baby Wyatt from the first second I saw him, and will continue to love him each and every day!!  

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