Saturday, August 4, 2012

Passing Boards

 I am officially a Licensed Practical Nurse for the State of Utah.  I studied and prepared so hard to take boards.  I was so nervous, and stressed.  I knew I had done everything that I possible could do.  I asked my dad to give me a blessing the night before to help calm my nerves.  I went to bed that night feeling great! I went to take the test around 10:00.  As I took the test I felt like I was doing okay but not great.  Well then it shut off at the minimum amount of questions.  I was positive that I had failed.  I had the worst feeling about it.  I was stressed beyond control because I wouldn't be able to take it again before I left. I prayed and prayed so hard the next week to have the comfort that I needed when I received my results.  We went to Lake Powell the next week, and I wouldn't look at my results for fear that I would be so disappointed.  So on the way home I finally looked them up.  I PASSED!! I have never been so excited and grateful in my whole life. I know that Heavenly Father truly has a plan.  I know that I didn't pass that test alone.  I know that Heavenly Father guided me to answer the correct answer, and to remember everything that I had studied.  I know that Heavenly Father realized that I was doing everything I was supposed to be doing, and he blessed me for that.  I am so excited that I am finally a NURSE!! My dreams are coming true one by one!! 

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