Monday, August 6, 2012

Hiking the Y

I have lived in Utah my whole entire life and have never hiked the Y.  What a deprived child I am.  My family finally decided to do it for FHE.  It was so much harder then I thought, but it was beautiful.  Tayla and I decided we weren't going to be last so we booked it to the top.  We tried to catch Easton and Tessa, but they both beat us by a long shot.  I was grateful that Tay stuck with me.  We sang, laughed, whined a little, but had a great time.  Sure do love her, and the beautiful young woman she is becoming.  
Cathy, Easton, and John at the start of the hike.... We were waiting for Savages to  come so these guys got a head start.  
Easton amazed me on the hike.  The kid is in excellent shape.  He pretty much ran the whole entire thing.  
Kyle and Shea thought they would come as well.  Little Wyatt was only 3 or 4 weeks.  They made it 1/4 of the way before they decided it was a little much for a Wyatt, and Shea who just had a baby! We were so glad that they tried it though! One day they can finish it with us.  
Provo, Utah home of the COUGARS! Such a pretty view! 
Tanner started the hike with Tamzy on his back, but this girl was determined to do it on her own, and hiked the whole thing by herself.  She ran most of the way.  Oh to be a little kid again with so much energy.  
The rest of the Gang all pumped and ready to hike
Cathy was such a tropper.  She did a great job!! We are so proud of you Cat. 
We finally made it to the top!! 

This picture is beautiful to me.  The temple is the first thing that catches your eye, and it is so pretty!!  It makes me realize that the temple should be the one thing in our life that catches our eye.  That we always focus on.  If we are striving to make it to the temple and always keep it in sight we will always be worthy to go there, and we are promised that if we attend the temple we will be blessed.  So ALWAYS keep the temple in sight! 

This year we have been suffering from lots of fires because of how dry it is.  There was a fire in Saratoga  Springs the night we hiked.  So the sky was black, but when it finally set it was beautiful.  

I can now say that I have hiked the Y.  It was such a fun night.  Even though it was really hard, we all totally made it to the top.  When I think of hiking I like to relate it to life because there are points that are rocky and hard, and there are also points that are beautiful, but if you keep going you will make it through the hard point, and make it to the top which is eternal life.  It was great to be at the top with my whole family!!  How great will be the day when my family will all be together forever!!! 

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