Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Welcome Home Elder Whittaker

Two years ago my best friend left on the biggest adventure that would change his life.  He left a BOY and came back a MAN.  He made his family, and his Heavenly Father very proud. He did his best, and gave it 110%.  Now he is FINALLY home.  He has such a glow about him.  He makes me want to be better each and every day.  I know that he was an amazing MISSIONARY!! 

We were all so EXCITED, ANXIOUS,  and NERVOUS!! 
Words can't explain how I felt at this moment.  To see his smile again, and to know that he was an AMAZING  missionary!!  He has set the bar at the Whittaker home.  I hope to be a GREAT missionary just like he was!! 

My Mom's boy is back.  Before he even got there she was already crying. It is a joke at our House that LOGAN is my mom's favorite!! Mom say's she has no favorites, but we all know LOGAN hold an extra place in her heart!!  I can't tell you how great it is to have your whole entire family together again.  


It had been 3 years since these two last saw each other.  How great it was to see them together, and know that they both were amazing missionaries.  

The LOVE and SUPPORT that my Grandparents show us grandkids is un-describable.  They truly are amazing! I am so blessed to have them in my life.  I love looking at my Gege's face in this picture, and seeing tears of JOY.  You can just see the LOVE that she has for Logan and Pop.  

After TWO years the WHITT CLAN is back together again.  

This is Logan's friend Collin who recently returned home from Mexico.  

All of the LOVE and SUPPORT

We finished the night off at JCWs which is Logan's favorite.  

The is from a post that I wrote the day Logan left of all of the things that I would miss about Logan.  I am so grateful to have my BEST FRIEND back, and to be able to do so many fun things together that we used to too!!
  • Our dance parties late at night in the mirror
  • Logan coming home late at night and peaking in my room to tell me good night
  • Our late night chats talking about life and giving each other advice
  • Our many goofy voices
  • Listening to him and my brothers argue about sports
  • Him giving me a hard time or a good wrestle
  • Watching him serve all those around him
  • Hearing him eat a bowl of cereal when he gets home late at night
  • Watching him pick at his face
  • Watching him wrestle with the boys especially when the little ones are arguing and making them hug each other and tell them that they love each other
  • Watching him perfect anything and everything he does
  • Blowing the air horn at people as we drive by and laugh until we cry
  • His constant smile
  • Finding his empty contact cases on the counter instead of the garbage that is 2 feet away
  • Him not lifting the lid
  • Him telling me that he loves me and that I deserve the best

Logan I want you to know how much I sincerely love you, and how proud I am of you!! As POP would say you get an ATTA BOY!! 

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