Saturday, June 16, 2012

Weekend with the Savages

Troy and Cari went out of town and asked me to watch the girls.  We had such a fun weekend.  My cousins have always had such a special place in my heart.  My whole life I have wanted to become a mother!  So when I get to spend time with them it makes me so excited to have my own kids.  All of my cousins are always so great for me.  In my eyes I get to party with the girls all week, instead of babysitting.  We made yummy food, had a scavenger hunt, went swimming, played cards, went to the drive in, stayed up way to late, laughed until we cried, went on a midnight run to McDonalds, and just had a blast!! Sure do love you guys!!

The girls had never been to a drive in movie.  So our last night together we went to the movie.  We saw Madagascar II.  It was so much fun!!  The girls absoulotely loved it. We popped popcorn, brought lots of treats, and enjoyed the movie on a beautiful night.   I remember as a little kid we would go to the drive in at least once a month.  I loved it, and still do love it!! 

This little one just makes me laugh!!  While I took this picture I told her to do her wedding smile, and this is the adorable little face she made.  She has such attitude that I just love!! 

Easton came and hung out with us on Friday night.  Him and Tess always have so much fun together.  I walked in on them singing at the top of there lungs to a Katy Perry song.  It was hilarious.  They had the microphones, and everything.  They put on quite the show for me. 

Our last night together!!  We had to get a picture!!

On Friday night we couldn't think of anything to do so I made them a cookie scavenger hunt.  I had them go and do crazy things around the neighbor hood and get differnt parts of the recipe to make cookies, and then once they got all of the ingredients we made the cookies.  It actually was a lot of fun.  In this picture Tessa had to eat salt.  I was sad that this was the only picture that I got.  It actually was a lot of fun, and the cookies turned out great!!  

We had such a fun weekend.  Full of laughter, and so much excitement.  I am so grateful for the relationship that I have with my Savage Girls.  Saying goodbye to them will definitely be really hard.  They are going to change so much while I am gone, but I am so excited for the many more memories that we can make.  

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  1. ahh jordy. I LOVE YOU!!!!! thank you soo much for such a fun weekend(: