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Pioneer Trek

Our Ward went on the Pioneer Trek the first week of summer.  My parents were called onto the committee to help out, and I was called to be part of the medical team.  There definitely was a reason that I was called. It was such a great experience.  Especially to be on a leader's stand point. It also was great preparation for my mission where I will be serving on the Pioneer Trail. I have gained such a strong testimony and appreciation for the pioneers.  They have so much strength and courage.  I don't know how they made it through, but I do know that they weren't alone.  That Heavenly Father was with them every step of the way. Through my pioneer experience I felt the spirit so strongly, and knew that those pioneer ancestors were there cheering us on.  
We left around 6 in the morning.  We were all ready to go, and excited!!  Well most of us!! 

Kim and Alan Taylor were ma's and pa's

Bonnie Mooney (who is in the middle) is such a huge inspiration to me.  Bonnie had a stroke a while back, and isn't able to walk very well.  So we got the opportunity to pull her in a cart.  She has so much Faith, and power.  She never complains, and always has a smile on her face.  She has shown us all that we can do HARD things.  

My Dad is amazing.  He was in charge of all of the equiptment.  He put SOOOO  much time and effort into TREK.  He did such a great job.  I was sure PROUD of him. 

This is me telling my DAD that I loved him.  He wasn't able to walk with us because he had to go and set up camp!  Like I said he worked so hard, but guess who else was there with him... My amazing MOM!  One thing that I love about my parents is the countless acts of service that they do for everyone.  They work so hard, and always give everything 120%

And we are off!!!!! 

I was so grateful that I was able to go and spend some time with J.  I sure do love him, and was so proud of him on Trek. He was a huge example to the younger kids, and worked really hard, and also had a smile while doing it.  

My amazing MOM... Words can't express how much she means to me.  She has been there for me every step of the way! I was also so grateful to get to be on Trek with her.  She was always WORKING and went way above and beyond to make TREK  a great experience.  

This was our Grandpa and Grandma on Trek.  Bishop and Sister Miller who we called  Grandma Candy.  They were so great.  The bishop has such an out pouring love for the youth.  

This was our first rest stop where we ate Lunch and had a very special surprise.........

..... An airplane came and sent us a package.  It was so neat, and such a great surprise. The kids were ecstatic.    

They sent us Creamy's.  Which totally hit the spot seeing as it was 100 degrees outside.  

I was very busy taking care of the YOUTH.  A lot more than I expected.  We had so many blisters that we were fixing every stop that we would make.  Good thing feet don't bother me.  We also had a lot of dehydration, and heat stroke.  
The first day was extremely hot.  Sister Jenks (who is on the right) was drinking water, and was in really great shape, but 7 miles into it her body gave out and she passed out and went was not with us. The missionaries had just came to supply us with more water when she passed out.  I know that that wasn't a coincidence that they were there.    She had a little pulse, and had gotten HEAT STROKE so the missionaries took us right in.   I was so amazed how calm I was able to be.  It was such a scary experience, but I was able to know how to treat her.  What I love most about this experience is as soon as we got her in the truck without hesitation we gave her a blessing where she was promised she would be able to walk the rest of Trek the next couple of days.  Which she amazed us all and recovered really well, and was able to finish her journey.  Heavenly Father definitely has a plan for everything, and this was part of the plan to teach us how to have faith and use the power of the priesthood to heal Sister Jenks.  

Setting up Camp

Flour Cakes..... After we walked all day, and set up camp they sat us all down around the campfire and told us we were having flour cakes for dinner.  They gave each of us 1 cup of flour and some oil, and that was all we got.  They explained to us that this was all the pioneers got everyday, and sometimes they didn't even get that.  I can't imagine having to starve every single day.  It was amazing to watch the kids and there attitudes.  There was very little complaining.  As I walked around they continued to laugh, and actually enjoy the Flour Cakes. 

After our delicious dinner we got to square dance.  It was such a blast!! 

Kassi who I just love and adore

At first J wouldn't dance at all because it wasn't very cool, but after some convincing he ended up having a great time dancing with his buddy Linds!! 

Grandpa and Grandma

Each of the Leaders told a story about the pioneers.  After square dancing Dad got up and told a story about the pioneers not having any food, and after having a lot of faith, and courage the rescue team came and brought them food... Our rescue team came that night, and we were able to eat a nice dinner! To watch the Youth's faces light up was priceless. 

Mom lived in the Kitchen.  She did such a great job!! Jonie was very lucky to have such a great helper like my mom. 

The camp chefs making us breakfast. 

One of the Ma's had a broken toe and so she walked most of the trail in her socks.  She was amazing, and didn't complain at all!! 

Pulling Bonnie

Each of us were walking for a pioneer.  When we would stop and take a break one of us would share there pioneer story with our family.  This helped me to gain such a strong appreciation for the pioneers.  I don't know how they did all that they did.  They went through so much heartache.... Death, starvation, dehydration, bad weather, sickness, and I could go on and on, but with Faith they made it through. 

This day was very windy to the point that we couldn't see where we were going.  Thanks goodness for our bandannas they came in great use. 

The Women's pull is something that I will never forget.  Being a leader was a completely different experience one that I will always cherish.  At this point in Trek the men went off to war leaving us to pull our handcarts by ourselves.  Before we started the journey Sister Rawson talked to the girls about the priesthood, and how important it is to us in our lives.  She told us that a way that we could relate this to our lives right now is to realize how important it is to have the power in our lives.  To realize that we always need it in our life.  To strive to make good decisions so that we will never loose that power we are blessed with.  The spirit was so strong and so powerful.  As a leader I wanted so badly for all of the girls to be able to feel of there Heavenly Father's love, and to know that he is there to help them through this trial, and will continue to help them through out there lives.  

After the girls had walked 3/4 of a mile we finally reached the boys.  They sang Come, Come, Ye Saints.  They were so reverent, and many had tears. 

One of the many reasons why this experience was so incredible to me was because it brought me back to my own experience that I had while I was on Trek when I was 15.  I was the Ma to 4 little beehives. When my boys left I remember feeling so lost, and so afraid.  I didn't know how I was going to be able to make it with such little girls.  I remember pushing with everything I had, and just praying to Heavenly Father to help me when suddenly I felt as if I had someone helping me.  When I looked back nobody was there.  I know that our pioneer ancestors were with me that day.  That Heavenly Father never left me, and helped me get through that trial.  I have never felt the spirit so strongly.  It was a true testament to me that as long as we have Faith, and are doing our part that Heavenly Father won't leave us. 

I hope that these girls can remember the feelings that they felt this day.  That they can remember  how they felt when they no longer had the priesthood with them.  That they can strive each day to be a little better, and to always have strive to marry a worth priesthood temple.  I hope I too as well can remember that!! 

After the Women's Pull we were able to walk through the water.  I remember when I was on trek we walked through the sweet water.  They told the story of the three boys who carried everyone across in the freezing cold water in the middle of the winter.  Pioneer and pioneer they continued to bring everyone across. 

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A special thanks to these great people for all that they did on Trek, and the many others  who were there!

 I am so grateful for the experiences that I was able to have while being on Trek.  I am grateful for a Heavenly Father who is aware of me, and is always there to help me, and teach me.  I am grateful for the pioneers and for the sacrifice that they made. I am grateful for the opportunity I have to serve in Winter Quarters where I will be able to learn more about the pioneers, and teach of there Faith, and Courage.  I am so grateful for the experience Heavenly Father gives me to learn and grow and become closer to him.  

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