Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!!! Boy is time sure going by fast or what? I feel like it was just Christmas. Anyways... We had a great Easter Sunday this year. I started the day off by teaching Relief Society. I got to teach on Elder Richard G. Scott talk on Marriage from conference. It was such a great talk, but definitely hard to teach, seeing as I have a lot of experience on marriage ha! It went really well though! I really enjoy teaching, and feel like I got so much more out of the lesson... I then went to a fireside with my parents and got to hear Elder Ballard speak. He is an incredible man. He talked on marriage ha it seems like quite the topic lately, but it was great! He also focused so much on us doing just the little things such as reading our scriptures, and saying our prayers. It was a great fireside.... We then went over to Gege and Pops and had dinner. Pop had made each of us a Sling Shot, and let's just say we have had a blast playing with them. We went over the park and played what we call sling golf. It was a blast. We then ended the day with the annual Easter Egg Hunt. I was lucky one and got the $20. Jensen was not to happy with me, but I wasn't complaining!

EASTER EGG HUNT Me and Mand finding some eggs

Jensen and Easton

SLING GOLF Mandy, Dad, and Pop

Pop has been so patient to teach all of us. Of course the boys picked it up on there first try, but me on the other hand still don't have the hang of it. I am getting better though, and having a blast learning how to do something new.
Pop has been throwing a sling since he was 14. He is a pro! It is crazy to think that David killed Goliath using a sling just like ours.
Me throwing my cute PINK sling

The Sling Shot Gang

I truly am grateful for Easter and the true meaning that it is. I know that my Savior Lives. I know that he bled from every pore for me, because he loves me! He knows everything about me. He knows my name, my strengths, and my weaknesses. I know that he is always there for me no matter what the case may be. I am grateful for his sacrifice for me, and for the knowledge that I have that through him I will be able to be resurrected and be able to live with him again. I am so grateful for his perfect example. Through him we will all be made perfect again! I love this gospel with all my heart, and don't know where I would be without it! I am so grateful for the Easter Holiday and the opportunity it gives us to reflect on the Atoning sacrifice of our Savior!

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