Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hangin with the Boys

It is spring break this week for my brothers so I decided that I would have them come and stay with me on Sunday night, and give my mom a little break!! They both are full of lots of energy to say the least. Right as we were leaving Easton who is 8 turns and say to my mom," Mom you and dad are going to kiss in bed tonight a lot huh?". Got to love the innocence of an 8 year old. So anyways, Sunday night we ate cookies, played just dance (which was hilarious to watch the two boys play), and attempted to watch Avatar. Jensen watched the whole thing, and would wake me up when there was a good part. Monday we slept in, had some breakfast, watched Avatar again ha! Which is an amazing show I thought! We also played pool, and went to see Hop. It was very cute although J thought it was dumb. We had a great time together! I am so grateful to have these two boys in my life who keep me young! They both have such great personalities, and are constantly making me laugh!!
Love you boys!!

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