Thursday, April 7, 2011

Gotta Love the Things People Say

So dying my hair brown has been quite interesting. I never realized how blunt people are! I have been shocked at some of the comments that I have gotten. Here are some of the funny things people have said to me.....
  1. Oh my "Hell" what did you do to your hair? (Not to mention she said it at work in front of everybody talk about embarrassing)
  2. Jord don't you know that blondes have more fun?
  3. Wow I didn't recognize you with your dark hair. I like your blonde hair much better
  4. Wow, nice hair! (with a roll of the eyes)
  5. Holy cow your like a totally different person!
  6. You look like a sexy Barba Strighstand! (glad I look like an old lady, I guess he did say sexy right)
  7. Oh Your Hair!
  8. Where did my daughter go?
  9. Well I don't think that is going to get rid of your blonde moments, but nice try!
  10. Why did you do that to your hair? I don't like it one bit!
Anyways I just thought it was quite hilarious!! Not that I really care what most of these people think. I personally am digging the new do. I just think it is hilarious how honest some people really are!! At least they are honest right?


  1. did i say one of these? and can i guess that john said #9? I love it!