Saturday, February 18, 2012

Weekend with DEV

I got to spend the weekend with Devyn because her family went racing in California. Boy did we have a great time. This past year we have gotten really close. We truly are best friends. I love spending time with her. We have so many great memories together. She is constantly making me laugh mostly because she thinks she is so funny. Okay, more like because she really is pretty funny!! Jamming out in the car, kneaders french toast, midnight movies, talking about how dumb boys are, being there for each other, british accents, baby voices, pedicures, red box, and dancing the night away are all the things we love to do together. It was fun to spend the whole weekend with just her.
Dev and J the best of friends. Dev takes J to school everyday and tells me that is the highlight of her day.
We went and got Pedicures. Talk about a little piece of Heaven.
Our cute Valentines Toes
After we went and saw This Means War... Which was fabulous by the way!
Inside joke that only Dev will laugh at!
I really just love this girl! She has such a big heart, and is so determined to do hard things. She can turn a really bad day into a great one.
This Video is Classic. We were doing our homework or more like goofing off. So I am the one talking. She is pretty good at what she does if you ask me. We decided that we are going to make up our own comedy act. We would sure make the big bucks because we are pretty much hilarious!!

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