Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Jensen

What I love about Jensen.....

  • He has the best smile ever

  • How excited he gets everytime he sees me and realizes that he is almost taller then me

  • His laugh especially when he can't stop

  • He gives the best hugs out there

  • The other day he told my mom that I was his BEST FRIEND talk about melting my heart

  • I love how excited he gets about the gospel

  • I love how he is nice to everyone

  • I love that whenever I go home he comes and sleeps with me

  • I love going and getting a drink with him, and just hearing about his day

  • I love how positive he is

  • I think it is funny how nervous he gets to try new things

J Whitt I sure do love you buddy and hope that you had a great Birthday. You are my best Buddy!!

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