Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Work Party

The amazing girls who I work with
We decided to play dress-up
Pam and Paula were always wanna be cheerleaders. Pretty impressive toe touch though Paula
Cute Heather and Krysta. They are both having little boys!
Pam really wanted to be sexy but it just wasn't working out for her
We had some delicious food. Thanks Jod for putting this on at your house!
Jodi and I rockin it out
Me and Melissa
Me, Krysta, and Missy

This last Friday we had a Bridal/baby shower at Jodi's house. She is quite the party planner. It was such a blast! I work with great women who know how to have a lot of fun! We ate, opened presents, played rock band, and even played dress up. It was such a fun night. I just love all of these ladies. Thanks for the fun night!

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  1. That sounds so fun! Dress up sure looked fun!