Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day

For Labor Day our family went and got our Seven Peaks, Trafalga, and Owls game passes. We then went to J Dawgs which is delicious by the way. If you like hot dogs you will love it. We then decided to go to Trafalga and were going to Lasor Tag, but the wait was two hours so we decided to play Miniature golf. We had such a great time.
The Whole Gang
So this was the highlight of our day. On about hole 12 my dad got a hole in one, but the ball got stuck in this little house. So Easton was trying to see if he could see the ball and the window came open. His face was priceless if I might add. So Kyle talked him into climbing in and getting the balls.
Here he is getting the balls. Well cute little E had to pee so bad. I thought that he was going to die. So Kyle being the great Brother in Law that he is told him just to pee. So what does Easton do? He listens to Kyle of course and he Pees in the cute little house. I think at that point we were all going to pee our pants from laughing so hard!
Oh Easton what would we ever do without you? You are always making us laugh! We sure love you!
Mom after she got a Hole in One

Mandy left for Snow College two weeks ago. We miss her like crazy! She is loving it though, and we are so happy for her. We were excited that she came home for the weekend so we could see her!
Shea and KJ
Jensen adding up all of our scores. I believe the order was Dad, Jensen, Mandy, Kyle, Mom, Jordyn, Easton, and Shea

We had such a great day together! I am so grateful for my family and for the great times that we have with each other. We have such a strong love for each other! I love them all so much! Thanks for the fun day!

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  1. Easton is so funny! I can't believe he actually peed in the house! So funny!