Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cathy's Shower

The other night Linds and I put together a shower for Cathy. We got all the girls together and went to Brick Oven. We had such a fun night! Her and my uncle John are getting married this next Friday the 24th. We are all so excited for them!Me, Cathy, and Linds
Tayla, Tessa, Shea, Marnie, and Cathy

Dani and Grahm (isn't he just the cutest)

So funny story... I looked down the table to find Cari and Meg making these really weird faces and talking to each other! It was hilarious! Linds and I sat and watched them for a good five minutes before they realized we were watching them. We could not stop laughing! I sure do love these two!
Oh Tamzy just gets cuter everyday!! She is starting to get her own little personality and is just so dang cute!
Shea, Me, and my Mom
(Notice how much Shea and my Mom look alike)
We had such a fun night! I have to share a funny story though about sweet Annie! So we got to Brick Oven and they put us in the banquet room. There were two tables in the room. Not everyone was there so we were just introducing eachother before everyone got there. Well one thing you need to know about Annie is that she is so sweet! She is always trying to get to know everyone, and is really out going. So she went to this other table in the room and started introducing herself as Todd's Wife. She kept chatting and trying to get to know these six women. She then asked them how they knew Cathy. Well she soon found out that they were not with us, and didn't know Cathy. They were just having there own dinner. It was hilarious! We sure love you Annie. Thanks for the good Laugh!


  1. JORDYN!!!! Come on...really! Have you ever put a cute picture of me on your blog? First, the scary running picture and now this? Maybe, just maybe, this is the real me! But, I do love you!

  2. Cari you are always beautiful remember? You know it is just out of love! I think you look great!! I sure do love you!

  3. Hey Jordy thanks for throwing me this party, I just love you guys so much. I am so lucky to have you as my renters but most of all my family now! Love ya the mostest!!