Friday, August 22, 2014

Kirby's Wedding

Sister Kirby was one of my Favorite Companions.  We were Trail Center Leaders together/Companions for 4 transfers.  We went through a lot together.  I will forever be grateful for her, and the many things that she taught me.  We will forever be sisters.  

I had the opportunity to travel to Rexburg, Idaho to go to her wedding.  It was definitely a day that I would never miss.  I was so grateful that I got to see so many other people that I loved as well.  My mission friends will always be my second family. 

I am so proud of Kirbs for getting married in the temple, and being sealed for all time and eternity to Mark.  It was an incredible experience to be able to be in the sealing room with them as they were sealed. In the temple I was reminded of the importance of going to the temple regularly so that we can be reminded of the covenants that we have made.  They were promised that as they live their covenants they will be eternally happy.  I know that I will be eternally happy as well as I live my covenants.   I am so grateful for the gospel and the blessings that it brings to me each and every day.  I am grateful for my parents and their decision to get married in the temple so that my family could be together forever.  I hope that I can continue to live the gospel and prepare myself to be sealed to my eternal family one day. 

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