Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Week 6

Family and Friends, 

Another week has come.  I can't believe it.  The days feel like weeks, but the weeks feel like days. I love it!! I continue to love this work.  I am learning so much each and everyday.  It truly is such a blessing to be here, and I thank my Heavenly Father for allowing me to be apart in it.  As for this week we have been so busy as usual.  So I want to tell you a little bit about the trail center.  There is just one visitors center.  We work here 4 days a week.  We take our tours by ourselves.  So we aren't with a companion.  This has been hard for me because of the little information that I know, but they just through you in it.  I know that I wouldn't have been able to learn any other way so I am grateful for that... MOST DAYS!! We start off with a 15 minutes film.  During the film I go and pray to invite the spirit, and to also know what there needs are and prepare for the tour.  It has been such a humbling experience.  Heavenly Father truly does speak to us, and he allows me to know what these people need to know.  I had a really neat experience on tour this week. I was giving a tour to a man and his wife who are from Mapleton.  They were Brother and Sister Carter.  They used to be apart of a branch presidency at the MTC.  I learned so much from them through the tour, but was also able to watch the spirit touch there hearts as I shared stories about the pioneers, and bore my testimony.  At the end of the tour he asked me how long I had been out, and when I told him only a week he was in awe.  Now I don't say this so you all think I am great, but I say this because this gospel is so true and so real.  I know that Heavenly Father is blessing me each and every day.  As I am obedient, and do everything in my pour I am able to teach with the spirit.  I am able to do his will.  Through the tour I was able to walk hand and hand with the spirit. He is my constant companion every day.  I am so blessed each and every day. 

Claudia and Ramsey are truly amazing.  They are making amazing progress.  We had the wedding on Friday and it went so great.  We finally found Claudia a dress and she looked beautiful.  It was so fun to plan a wedding, but I am glad that it is done so we can focus just on the work.  What I loved most about the night is when we sang Families Can be Together Forever and they just sat and cried.  They have told us many times that the wedding is just a stepping stone for them to be able to get baptized.  I am so proud of them and the decisions that they are making.  Being able to watch see them change, and to see them use the power of the atonement is truly amazing.  They are trying to stop chewing tobacco, and they had relapsed, and weren't telling us, but through the spirit we both knew what had happened.  So I started teaching them about the Atonement, and all of the grief and worry that shown on their faces was now gone, and replaced with a sense of peace.  They were converted by the spirit.  We continue to work with them.  They will be baptized on November 10.  I can't wait.  

So some funny things that have happened to me.  One Sister Belka and I were studying and I went to stand up, and my dress was totally tucked in my garments ha ha!! She frantically was trying to get my attention before anyone saw.  I just looked at her and said it's a good thing were best friends.  Bless my heart.  Well then the other day I was walking out of the Bathroom when the same thing happened except I was by one of the senior missionaries.  Luckily I finally realized it before I walked right in front of him.  He just laughed, and we both made a joke out of it.  I have also fallen down the stairs again.  It was literally hilarious, but the funny thing was Sister Belkas face it was priceless as she sat and tried to catch me, and then I finally got my balance and fell again.  Oh bless my heart!!  I still struggle and have my moments. 

I had a really neat experience the other night.  We were going to meet with one of our investigators named Cathy, and she wasn't home.  Well in getting there Sister Belka and I was dancing and singing in the car and we missed the exit twice.  Anyways as we were leaving I had this feeling totally overcome me that we needed to get out of there immediately.  There was a cop in the parking lot. I have never felt such a strong feeling overcome me before.  I literally thought I was going to throw up.  So we left so fast.  We will probably never realize what had happened and why we weren't supposed to be there, but what I did realize is how protected I am when I am being obedient, and doing everything that I am supposed to be doing.  Heavenly Father used our dittzyness to make sure that we missed our exit.  His hand is in every part of our life, but we have to be doing our part so we don't miss those promptings of the spirit.  

Elder Watson (who is the director of the trail center) pulled me into his office the other day, and told me that I need to learn fast.  That I need to learn everything that I possibly can from Sister Belka.  That I needed to be obedient because he needs me as a leader.  This scared the crap out of me.  We have 26 sisters right now, and 20 of them will be gone by March.  I know that Heavenly Father truly is with me every step of the way, and will help me to become who he wants me to become.  Keep me in your prayers. 

I love being a missionary.  There is not greater place then I would want to be.  It truly is such a blessing to be here.  I love Sister Belka.  She is such an answer to my prayer.  She is the salt of the earth, and I am grateful for her.  I learn so much from her each and every day, and am so grateful for her.  There is nothing greater then missionary work.  I challenge each of you to strive to serve somebody this week.  To talk to everyone and to love everyone.  Look at everyone as God would look at them, and find the good in everyday.  

This gospel is true.  I know it because I have found out for myself.  The book of Mormon is the word of god.  Jesus is the Christ, and these are the Latter Days.  We have to be doing everything thing we can to bring others unto Christ.  I love you all, and pray for you daily. 

Sister Whitt

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