Monday, October 15, 2012

Week 5

Dear Friends and Family, 

I am in NEBRASKA!!! I can't believe that I am officially a missionary.  I feel like just yesterday I entered the MTC, and now I am in the field.  I loved the MTC, but words just can't explain how great it is to be in the field. When we first got here on Tuesday we got to hang out with President for the night.  We each had an interview with him.  I truly know that he was called on God to lead this mission.  That he is in this mission for a purpose!  He is such an amazing man who I already love.  He told me that I have the best trainer in the whole mission.  That I can be an amazing missionary if I truly learn from her.  He told me that she is the top missionary in the WHOLE mission.  I am serving in the Rockbrook Ward.  My trainers name is Sister Belka. President was right she is amazing.  I learn so much from her each and every day.  She truly is my best friend.  She is obedient with exactness, and does everything that she is supposed to do, but not only that she is so humble.  She knows that this is Gods work, and she does everything she possibly can to be a successful missionary.  She is amazing.  Heavenly Father is truly aware of me.  I was so scared to find out who my trainer was because I want to make my Heavenly Father proud, but he truly does know our needs and has answered my prayers.  My concerns became his concerns, and he has blessed me so much.  We live in a house with two other Sisters.  We totally lucked out.  Our house is very nice, and I love the sisters that we live with.  

Sister Belka has been serving in this area for 3 months, and so she has worked really hard, and found a lot of investigators.  We actually are preparing a wedding as we speak for this Friday.  It has been so fun!!  Two of our investigators Claudia and Ramzey are getting married on Friday, and then getting baptized on November 10.  They are a rock solid family.  We meet with them about everyday.  They are so humble, and so excited.  They both chew tobacco, and so we have really been working with them through this trial.  They start classes this Wednesday.  They have such faith and know that Heavenly Father can help them through this.  Sister Belka is an amazing teacher, but she allows me to get right in there and teach.  She will just pause, and I know that it is my turn to speak and bare testimony.  

We also are teaching another girl named Sharon who is so great.  She is ten years old, and truly is amazing.  She keeps all of our committments, and is really trying hard to do everything she is supposed to do.  Her mother is a less active and so we are working with both of them.  I committed her to baptism on November 17 and she accepted.  I can't even begin to tell you how excited I was.  It totally caught me off guard when she replied yes so fast!! I wanted to jump up for joy!!  We are so excited for her. 

Gladys Knight goes around the US and does firesides for non members and less actives.  She directs an amazing choir, and bares testimony.  She is amazing.  We had four investigators there.  The spirit was so strong.  I learned so much from being there.  It was held in the chapel.  The choir was amazing they were clapping, and dancing!! Ah it was so great!! I wish we sang with such soul ha ha!!  Her husband bore an amazing testimony and told of his conversion story.  He grew up baptist, and so he pretty much layed the line down. He said that each of them are going to be held accountable in heaven if they don't accept this message because they have been taught with the truth.  They were so bold I loved it.  Gladys was amazing as well as she told her conversion story.  They spoke with such  power.  It was like you could cut the spirit with a knife.  I know that this played a huge role in Sharon accepting the invitation to be baptized.  Our mission received 80 referrals from that night.  It wasn't as many as we wanted, but we were so excited.  Three of those were Sister Belka's and I.  This work is progressing so fast!!

I have truly seen Gods hand in my life as a missionary each and every day.  It is amazing the people he places in our lives, and the places we go.  Everywhere is guided by the spirit.  We had an experience where we were calling to find a ride for our investigators to get to the concert, and we were going to call Sister Johnson, but then decided to call Sister Bentley.  Sister Bentley asked if we could meet her somewhere to get the tickets.  Sister Belka and I just started laughing because we had totally forgot them, and had no idea where to look.  So we pulled over because we were 20 minutes from home and called the sisters who live with us.  We then said a prayer and asked to know where to guide the sisters to look.  After the prayer Sister Belka looked at me and immedietly knew right where they were. Another experience was when we were driving to go and see the Eliwise family, and we had this feeling to stop at Claudia and Ramzeys.  They had been really struggling with chewing, and needed us at that time.  Another time was when we were driving home.  We hadn't eaten dinner because we were running around like crazy and so we decided to stop.  We kept driving for somewhere to eat and decided not to stop when we saw Taco Bell.  So we stopped in and the cashier said I am looking for a change in my life.  I want to change and have direction.  We both just looked at each other and smiled, and then shared a message with him.  It was amazing. God's hand is truly in our lives all the time. 

So we work in the Trail Center 4 days a week from either 9-3 or 3-9.  When I first got here they took us on a tour.  There is a room called the memorial room that over looks the temple, and the cemetary.  I was immedietly filled with a sense of peace.  A sense of knowing that this is where I am supposed to be.  I knew that Heavenly Father was aware of me, and that he didn't want me anywhere but here.  I not only felt of his love, but the love of the pioneers.  I know that they are here in this memorial.  They are looking down on us, and helping us invite others to come unto Christ.  This place is amazing!! There is such a strong peace here that in indescribable.  I know that this is where Heavenly Father needs me to be. 

They kind of just threw me right into giving tours.  I was terrified.  I feel like I know nothing about the pioneers, but I do know that if I rely on the spirit I am able to teach whatever these people need to hear.  I have so much to learn, but am so grateful for the opportunity I have learn each and every day!! I love being a missionary! I love being a representative of Jesus Christ.  I have never been so happy, and so at peace, and I know it is because I am supposed to be here.  I love this work, and can't wait to continue on.  

Sister Whittaker

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