Friday, January 20, 2012

Grand Targhee

Grand Targhee is a Family tradition that I love. I look forward to it every single year. We have taken the past two years off due to a wedding, and other stuff. We were all very excited to go again this year. We figured this was our 12th trip up to Targhee. We hope that the tradition continues. We ski and board hard every day, take a short lunch break, then back at it again, eat, play games, BINGO, swim, and just enjoy each others company. We stayed in the condos this year which was really nice. We all had our own bed, and were right by the lift which was perfect. The snow was amazing! We had pure powder every day. My family went up Wednesday night, but due to school I had to leave a date later which was torture. I was grateful though that I got to go up at all.
Targhee is beautiful to me. I love it when you get to the top of the lift, and get to look out on the Valley. It is gorgeous. Especially on a really clear day. The older we get the more fun we have because we can all go down just about anything.
Tyler and I
Kyle and Shea
I think my mom was exhausted what do you think? We are all pretty warn out by the time we come in each day, but are ready for more the next day.
Jensen had a swim meat that he had to prepare for so the boys were great about going and swimming laps each day. I think it was more a party then actual swimming laps. I forgot my suit so I didn't get to join in the fun. I have so many memories of running and jumping in the snow and then running to the hot tub as your body tingles. My family has so many amazing memories at Targhee. It is what we like to call Disneyland.... aka the happiest place on earth.
Kyle was up and ready to go before the lifts opened.
This is a person I like to call STELLA. Yes, she is the life of the party!!!
Dad and E John
J, Kyle, and I
My sweet parents who work so hard so that our family can do fun things like this. I am so grateful for them, and for the many traditions our family has. I still can't beat my old man down the hill. Pretty impressive eh!!
Shea and KJ.... Next year we will have another little one with us!!
J and his new attire. He looks pretty good if ya ask me!
Easton did great this year!! He took a lesson the first day and then was ready to tear it up. He will go down just about anything. I was so proud of him.
Me and my new attire... I look pretty good if ya ask me!!
We had such a great trip! We were really nervous about going because the snow was supposed to be very good, but oh were we wrong. It snowed every single day. We were blessed with POWDER every day! It was such a beautiful thing. There is no place like Targhee. We are lucky to spend it with such great friends. The Larsons, Petersons, and the Morleys. We missed the Whitt clan this year. Hopefully next year we can all be there!!

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