Friday, July 1, 2011

American Fork Half Marathon

This last Saturday we ran another Half Marathon. This was my third one, and I am sure it isn't the last! Who would have ever thought that I would be a runner? I love how great it makes me feel, how it keeps me in shape, it clears my mind and gives me the opportunity to think, and it challenges me to do hard things. There is something about crossing that finish line, and seeing all of your family there chearing you on, and having all of the hard work pay off!! It is a great feeling! The course was down American Fork Canyon. It was beautiful!! I finished in 2:02. I was kind of dissapointed with my time. I really wanted to be under two hours. I stayed ahead of the two hour pacer the whole time, and thought I was gonna make it, until the last stretch where the lady passed me and said we were already supposed to be done!! I finished though so that is all that matters. Next time I am going to wear a watch, and beat my time.
Kyle did amazing especially for his first one. His time was 1:46. I am so proud of him!

Kim, our running buddy also ran it with us. She rocked it as well!! I am so grateful for the friendship that we have. She is like my second mom. She is so supporting, and I truly love her and her family!!

We have begged Shea to run with us for the longest time, and we finally convinced her. My mom stuck with her the whole time, and pushed her along. I am so proud of her! I knew she could do it all along. I am proud of her for sticking to something and accomplishing it.

My mom always seems to amaze me! She is the rock that keeps us all together, and on schedule with our training. She pushes me, and helps me strive to do my best!! Her and Shea finished at 2:30! Way to go girls!!

The Running Crew

This particular race was a fundraiser for Cancer. I was excited to participate in such a great cause. I ran most of the race by myself which gave me a chance to just run and think. I was around mile 4 and the canyon was just beautiful! All I could think of was my sweet grandma who died of Cancer. I ran for her that day, and I know I wasn't alone.

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  1. My dad rode his bike up the canyon the day of your half, and he said he saw you and your mom! He said you looked good! :)