Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bike Accident

So this might be a little more information then you all want to know, but seeing as this is my journal this is something that I want to remember!! I originally wasn't going to BLOG about this because I was so embarrassed, but now I can finally laugh about it! So some of you might just want to skip this post.... So about a week ago Jensen, Easton, and I rode our bikes down to my grandparents house. My bike was at my apartment so I borrowed one of J's friends bike. We had a lovely visit with my grandparents, and then headed on home. I was going up a hill, and so I was up pumping and not sitting in the "saddle" (or seat). Well the gear decided to go out which caused the pedals to shift on me, which then caused me to loose my balance, which then caused me to crotch myself of the bar HARD!! Talk about painful. So the first thing that comes out of my mouth is, "I just split my crotch open". I looked at Jensen and he was laughing so I start laughing, but am trying so hard not to cry. Jensen then says, "Wow I didn't know it hurt girls!!" So I then discover that I am bleeding pretty bad so I sent J up to get my mom. Poor little E was scared for life, and the whole time we are walking up the hill he keeps saying, "Jord is your crotch really split open". Bless his heart!! So I get home, and was really bleeding a lot now. I kept argueing with my mom that I was not going to the hospital. So then she calls my other mother Annette who is a nurse that I work with and finally convinced me to go in. Luckily I work at Labor and Delivery so I went up there for a visit. Let's just say I wished I could put a bag over my head!! I mean really who wrecks on there bike and crotch shots the bar, oh and then has to go get checked out. Yup, that would be me!! So Kimmy, an amazing nurse that I work with, helped me out!! There was also a midwife there. So the Midwife said I was border line of needing stiches, but thought that she would just put a couple of stitches in there. So now I am dying!! One because I hate shots, two because I am still wishing I had a bag over my face, and three because I am just a wimp. So she went to numb me up down there, and I literally almost kicked her off the bed. I have never been in so much pain before. So she decided that I would be okay not getting stitches, and that I would heal just fine. I realized in that moment that going natural is not even a question. I am getting that epidural as soon as I walk in that door!! So that is my lovely, embarrassing story!! Honestly I have never been so embarrassed before!! I mean nobody has ever seen me down there, and I am quite the private person, but I survived!! I have been back on my bike again, and didn't crash!! Gotta love life sometimes!!!


  1. glad u can laugh about it now! We all felt soooooo bad! ouch!!!!!!

  2. hhaha, that's hilarious. Which midwife was it?