Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lake Powell

Lake Powell is a little place I like to call HEAVEN... I wasn't going to make it on the NWT trip, but decided to go down for half of the trip. It was just what I needed. We went with the Taylors, Nielsons, and Swensons. They are all such great people who I love and call my Family!! Shea and I left early Wednesday morning and drove down. This post I want to show you all of the many things that we learned on our Powell Trip

1st thing we learned

We had a full moon every night. It was beautiful! This particular night we learned a great lessons. We had left to a place called Davis Gulch(you will see a picture below) right after dinner. Well we were going to be pushing it to make it back before dark. So right after we snapped this beautiful picture we noticed that Clark and Ann had stopped. They were out of Gas. By now it was almost dark, and our boat was almost out of Gas as well, and probably wouldn't make it if we had to pull someone. Well Jensen immediately told us to say a prayer. So we said a prayer, and made it safetly back. There were so many life lessons we learned from this 1. Always keep your friends and family close, 2. Always remember to pray, 3. Remain Faithful, 4. Always keep a positive attitude, 5. Always look out for the lost sheep, 6. Always remember to thank your Heavenly Father, 7. Always stay on the path and look to light2nd Thing we learned
We have this place that we call the Hud Station.... This picture represents VICTORY!! If ya have to go then go to the HUD 3rd thing we learned

How beautiful Lake Powell is 4th thing we learned

You can't go through a Powell Trip without showing a little Crack!! I bet you can guess whose idea this was ha ha???? 5th thing we learned

To try your best at whatever you do, but most importantly HAVE FUN!!

6th thing we learned

We sure missed our Brother Logan, but we sure celebrated his year mark, and can't wait for him to with us next year!! The funky shorts I am wearing are in honor of him, and the second picture is in honor of the typical Logan Face!!

7th thing we learned

How important it is to have great friends. My Dad and Clark are best friends! If it weren't for them we wouldn't have become so close to the Taylors. I can truly call them my Family!! Each night we had a devotional. Even though we were at Powell we still felt the spirit, and still strived to do what we were supposed to! Thanks to these two and there great examples!

8th thing we learned

To not be afraid to try new things or conquor your fears

This picture is of Shea, Me, Caden, and Jake all knee boarding at the exact same time!! Talk about a blast!!

9th thing we learned
Well this picture just makes me laugh!! J thought that he had caught a huge fish, but really he didn't and it was all a joke!!

10th thing we learned
To Cherish the moments you have together with your family

11th thing we learned

We just swam across the lake with our cool flippers and mask. We learned that we can do hard things, but sometimes we have to rely on a floating device or those around us.

12th thing we learned

That powell is a place we like to call "Heaven on Earth" 13th thing we learned

Family is the most important, and to always be grateful for what you have!! This is a tribute to Logan (His typical face)

14th thing we learned

You can't go through Powell without a little Lovin....Okay so let me explain! Yes, this is me and Caden!! So we were with three newly weds this trip who seemed to be in love if I might say!! So me and Cad decided as a JOKE we would be LOVERS for the week!! So we pretty much were mocking them (I love you guys)!! Well we were praying on the back before we headed out, and everybody kept daring Cad to just kiss me! So I decided to just kiss him! Boy was everybody shocked!! It was seriously hilarious!! His brothers faces were definetly the best!! So bud said Cad if you kiss her again we will give you half of the money we are paying her!! So he totally came up and kissed me again!! This time I was shocked!!

We had such a great time in Powell. We were surrounded by great people, good food, good weather, and just living the dream!! I can't wait for the next trip!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Life is definitely full of surprises!! I have had this image in my head of how my life will turn out, but over this past week I have come to realize that Heavenly Father has a different plan for me. It has been a rough couple of weeks, but I have learned so much! My roommates all moved out on me so I was left alone in my apartment. Linds has been my best friend for so long. The night she told me she was moving out I literally cried myself to sleep. Life without her just doesn't seem as great! She is the friend that everybody dreams of having! I am so excited for her to get married, but will miss the great times that we had! I also found out that I didn't get into the nursing program. I am the 5th alternate. I still have a chance of getting in, but this go around am not expecting anything so I don't get my hopes up. I was very frustrated when I found out, but now realize that everything does happen for a reason, and as long as I am doing my best Heavenly Father will bless me! Everybody keeps telling me to have patience... Honestly I am tired of learning patience. I feel like my life has been based on having patience, but I know that there is so much I have to learn! This Sunday I had such a eye opener, and truly felt the love that my Heavenly Father has for me. I realized that he truly is aware of me! In Sacrament meeting people kept talking about trials, and how to overcome our trials. In sunday school the lesson was on having Faith that everything will all work out. In Relief Society it was on Revelation and how to listen to the spirit. Each meeting was something that I needed to hear. I have forgotten to do the little things in my life, and I can tell a difference. I am not as happy as I used to be, and I know it is because I am not reading my scriptures as often, I am not praying with a sincere heart, I am not having faith that everything will work out, I am not serving those around me!! All of the simple things that we tend to forget about. So it is my goal this week to be better. Because we have been promised that if we do those little things then we will be blessed!! I have a vision of how my life is supposed to be, but what I don't realize is that what I want isn't always what Heavenly Father has in store for me. I am grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the opportunity it gives me to continue learn and grow, and become the person that my Heavenly Father wants me to be!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Linds is Engaged

My Best Friend Lindsey is Engaged!! I can't believe it!! I am being replaced by Brad. He is so great, and treats her like a queen. I can't picture her with anybody else. They are both so dang happy! Although I am a little jealous as to how happy she is, and the fact that things will never be the same between us, I am so excited for her to start the next chapter in her book!! I am so proud of them for living a worthy life to be sealed for all time and eternity in the Temple. They are getting Married August 18th in the Mt Timp Temple!!


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day in Logan

Monday we went to Logan to visit my grandparents grave. Savages, and John and Cathy came with us as well. We got to spend time with the Jensen side of the family as well. It was freezing cold, and raining, but we had a great time!!

Nana and Grandpa Busses Grave

Traditional Kid picture
Doesn't she just melt your heart!!

The Whitt Crew

The Savages minus Tanner

John and Cathy

Me and my best buddy Tayla

We had such a fun day!! It was great to get to see the Jensen side. Since my grandma, and uncle howard passed we don't see them as often as we used to! I sure miss that, but am grateful for the opportunity we had to go and visit. They are all such great people who I love! Going to my Grandparents Grave made me miss my Grandma a lot. I miss walking in her house and seeing her always working on a project. I miss her carmels, I miss her amazing cooking, I miss Sunday dinners and getting to sit down and talk to her, I miss her constant love that she had, I miss her generous heart, I miss the smell of her house, I miss seeing her at all of my events that I participated in. I miss her laugh, I miss her grumpy, stuborn side, I miss going on vacation with her. I am grateful for the knowledge that I have that one day I will see her again. I know that she is always looking out for me. That she is my guardian angel. I am grateful for memorial day, and the opportunity we had to remember her and all of our loved ones who have passed on before us.