Friday, September 30, 2011

Saratoga Springs Triathlon

I completed another triathlon on Saturday, August 20. It was my first open water tri. It was very difficult, but well worth it.

The swim was 600 meters. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. The water was so rough, and so scary. I literally thought I was going to drown. There were times where I wanted to quit, but am so proud of myself for finishing.

Getting ready for the BIKE! Pam my dear friend who is such an inspiration to me waited for me! My transitions were so much better this time!
The bike is my favorite part. It was twelve miles, and was such a blast!!
Next comes the run which is 3 miles! I was pretty dang tired at this point. I thought I was done with the run when little did I realize I still had a mile left. Luckily my dad ran up the hill with me and gave me the extra boost that I needed!!
So this picture is quite cool!! This is my friend Michael who kicked my trash. So we really aren't running together right here, but my grandpa is pretty amazing!!
Michael and I at the finish... I wasn't going to do this tri, but he talked me into it which I am really grateful that he did!! He did so great! Especially on the swim. He actually got the second best time on the swim. Way to go DUDE!
The Kings and the Whitts. We were both so lucky to have an amazing crowd to cheer us on. It is my favorite part of the race to see the finish line in site, and to hear all my family cheering me on. I truly am so blessed! My grandparents were with us as well, but I didn't have a picture of them. Thanks everybody for the support, and thanks to my grandpa and Shea for the pictures! What great photographers they are! My time was 1:30 minutes. I beat my last time, and the swim was double the length this time. So I was really proud of myself!! I am so grateful that my body allows me to do hard things!

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