Friday, September 30, 2011

Lake Powell

So I am a little behind in my blogging! My family went to Lake Powell with the Todd Whitt clan. We had such a blast! I loved every minute of it! There truly is no place like Powell. Hanging out all day in the SUN with the people you love is a little bit of Heaven on Earth!!

My two amazing parents who are so in LOVE!! Thanks for the fun trip!
Our Boat
Cliff jumping is my favorite. I always get so nervous right before I jump, and I still get butterfly's in my stomach. It is worth it though!
Meg, Me, Ryne, E (it is sad when my 9 year old brother jumps higher then I do), Kyle, J, and Tyler
These tubes were a new purchase this year. Todd had one as well. So they pulled them together. My dad still scares me on the tube, and gives us one heck of a ride.
We broke a WORLD RECORD okay probably not, but how cool is it that we got five wake boarders up at the same time. It was definitely not easy, but so fun!!
J, Kyle, Shea, me, and Meg

We parked the houseboat at Cookie Jar, and one day we got the bright idea to hike clear up to the top. It was not as easy as it looked, and was quite the hike. We sure made it though.
Cookie Jar
On the way down a storm was coming in. So Kyle and J ran down to make sure everything was tied down. Well J slipped and almost fell off a ledge, and got quite the battle wounds.
Okay, so you would look this would be easy! Ha well me and Dani learned that it was quite the opposite. We got really good at going into circles though, and laughed so dang hard!

Trick skis are my new favorite!! I was the first one to try them. I literally have never shacked so bad in my life. I literally had no control. Between the shacking, and the laughing I was quite good ha! The hat made it all better as well!
J and E
Meg and I
Little E killin it on the board
KJ gettin it done
Mom still has it
Lets just say I can get up, but then I don't know what I am doing!! It is sure fun though, and quite the challenge!
J wreckin hard after a sweet cut

This was after a lightening storm. Notice our hair! Yeah, that is static not wind. Kind of creepy right!
Grahm and Dani... Grahm is so dang cute, and loved swimming in the water!!
And you wonder where I get it ha ha!!

So J decided to be super cool and buy these goggles for when he skied and tubed!! Doesn't he look like a stud?
Todd and Annie
Cute E
Me and my beautiful mom!!
I am truly fortunate to have such an amazing family, and am truly lucky to get to go to Lake Powell. It truly brings our family closer together. It is chance that we can get away from the real world, and just be with those that we love. Thanks for the fun trip Whitts!

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