Friday, May 21, 2010

St. George trip

So me and Log decided to take a trip down to St. George before he leaves on his mission. It was a total last minute trip but we had an awesome time! We laughed the whole weekend and just enjoyed each other's company.

Just getting ready to leave! Check out the shades. My dad told both of us that next time we get new glasses he is coming because we look like nerds. We both think we look tight! The weather has been terrible in AF so we were so excited to get to St. George where it was nice and warm. Right when we got there we went straight to the pool to enjoy the 90 degree weather.

We decided to go hike up to Dixie rock which over looks all of St. George. We got out of the car and it was so windy. When we got up to the top I thought that we were going to blow over. I literally had to hold onto Logan so I wouldn't fall off the edge. This is a picture of my hair when I got in the car! It was crazy!

Us at the top of Dixie Rock. It was so pretty once you got to the top and could over look St. George. I have never done it at night so it was a new adventure. The temple was so pretty all lit up. It was really fun!
So we decided that Logan needed to be a window washer because he does such a great job! Especially with the face that he pulls.

Yes I know that we have an In and Out in American Fork but it is tradition to stop there in St. George. Let me tell you it tasted even better down there.
We had such an awesome trip. We went swimming, to dinner, saw Iron Man II, hiked up to dixie rock all the first day. Then we woke up and ate breakfast, Log was so nice and let me shop at the outlets, and then we had some lunch and went golfing. It was such a fun trip with just the two of us. Logan truly is my bestfriend and I love him so much. I am going to miss him like crazy, but I know that he is going to make an amazing missionary!

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