Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fun at Work

Can I just tell you that I love who I work with. We always have such a fun time. I am known as the prankster at work. Maren and I are always trying to find somebody to scare. Well the other night we got this lovely box out and I hid in it, and scared cute Kelsey who is a newer nurse by grabbing her leg as she walked by. Then security came up and I did the same thing. He jumped so bad, but didn't think it was to funny. I sure got the evil eye, but it was sure worth it. Then Jodi got in the box, and totally scared our supervisor Brent. He screamed like a little girl. It was a riot. Oh the fun times we have when we don't have any patients. There is never a dull moment on L&D!!

Jodi and I

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  1. Its all fun and games until someone gets hurt. haha. I don't think a certain someone will ever like me again. It was still funny though. :-)